Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing



Patricia A. Potter (Author), Anne Griffin Perry (Author), Janet C. Ross-Kerr (Author), Marilynn J. Wood (Author)

Potter and Perry’s Canadian Fundamentals of Nursing, the market-leading fundamentals text, presents the principles, concepts, and skills every nurse needs for success in nursing school and in practice. You can trust this text to provide your students with a rock-solid foundation for future success with its comprehensive coverage, nursing process framework, critical thinking emphasis, and focus on care in all settings. The consistent and logical organization and clear writing style make it a favorite of students and faculty alike.

The third Canadian edition addresses a number of key practice issues, including the increased focus on evidence-based practice, safety concerns, and end-of-life care. To better meet the needs of beginning students, a section on prioritizing has been added to the planning sections, and care plans have been expanded to more clearly explain assessment findings leading to nursing diagnoses, as well as evaluation of outcomes. All 45 chapters have been adapted to reflect nursing practice in Canada.

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