Actions always speak louder than words and smiling says: “I like you and I am glad to see you”.

Your smile is extremely
powerful even when others can’t see it. Smiling changes your voice, raises your cheek bones and gives you those “SMILING EYES”. It’s a vital communication tool during a pandemic.

Smiling just makes you feel good

What happens if you have nothing to smile about. Those are the times when you have to force yourself to smile and take two minutes to think about what you are grateful for in your life.

Smiling brings you into a positive state

While speaking to someone on the phone, smile. Ear To Ear. Your smile will come through in your voice.

Always Remember: All people smile in the same language.

If you can’t smile with your mouth, smile with your eyes.

When you are wearing your mask, say “HI” to others with the best smiley eyes you can give them. It will change your life.

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